To Have a Website or Not To Have a Website

  I have often preached the virtues of having a great website. It is my passion, and it's also my profession, to make beautiful, productive websites on the WordPress platform. Why? Because I believe in them as a marketing tool. In fact, it's my belief  your website is one of the most … Read more about To Have a Website or Not To Have a Website

Happy Fourth of July !!

Fourth of July has always been of my favorite holidays. When I was a child, the whole family would climb into our Rambler station wagon and head over to the main street in Gloucester Massachusetts. We would line up along the curb and stand in the hot sun, waiting with great delight for the hometown … Read more about Happy Fourth of July !!

Social Media: In-house, or Hire it Out?

I must tell you that I think some of the best social content comes from within companies who do it themselves. I am out and about on the web day in and day out. As part of my job, I’ve followed sites that have social media people on staff. They understand how to use social media and know their … Read more about Social Media: In-house, or Hire it Out?

2012 Is Near…

In 2011 we began to ramp up the social media portion of our business. It was a risk, and we were so certain that people would respond that we bet our livelihoods on it. It is working. Working for us, working for our clients, and working for others. We are thankful to all the people who have signed … Read more about 2012 Is Near…