Does Social Media Leave Us Lonely?

I have read posts which state that social media, particularly Facebook, can lead to depression and feeling of inadequacy and loneliness. For me, the exact opposite is true. Almost three years ago, my family and I moved clear across the country from Southern California to Vero Beach Florida. While I … Read more about Does Social Media Leave Us Lonely?

Happy Fourth of July !!

Fourth of July has always been of my favorite holidays. When I was a child, the whole family would climb into our Rambler station wagon and head over to the main street in Gloucester Massachusetts. We would line up along the curb and stand in the hot sun, waiting with great delight for the hometown … Read more about Happy Fourth of July !!

Social Media for 2014

Finally, people are coming to us more often than we go to them. They know it's time to join the social media movement, but they still don't want to spend the money. They will tell us that there is no budget for a new website, or a monthly social media campaign, but in the next breath they are … Read more about Social Media for 2014

Social Cindy Opens East Coast HQ in Vero Beach, Florida

Social Cindy is proud to announce the establishment of our East Coast Headquarters in beautiful Vero Beach, Florida. Located along the Treasure Coast roughly midway between Cape Canaveral, and the metropolitan Miami area, idyllic Vero Beach provides the perfect setting to offer our special blend … Read more about Social Cindy Opens East Coast HQ in Vero Beach, Florida