As you recall, your domain name is the that your visitors key into a browser to navigate to your website.
Web hosting is the space for your site files on a special computer called a server, that is provided by a “hosting company” like GoDaddy, Liquid Web, or Site Ground.  Your web host also provides hosting software to “serve” your pages to any browser that requests them.   Your domain name registration and your web hosting are often provided by the same company, but not always.
We firmly believe that every site owner should maintain direct
control over their domain name and hosting account. 
We have run into scenarios in the past where website owners wish to terminate their relationship with a developer, only to find out the web developer owns the domain name, and will not grant access to their existing site if the owner quits them.  Site owners in this situation have no choice but to start over and build a whole new web presence from scratch.
For this reason, Social Cindy has asked you to register your domain name and select your own hosting company.  We encourage you to always maintain your direct relationship with these vendors.


The reason this matter is that domain name registration, and hosting accounts expire.  It is up to you to make sure they don’t expire before you are ready.    These accounts are set up for a specific period of time.  Most vendors will allow you to set your account to renew automatically.  They will charge the renewal to the credit card they have on file in your account.



  1. Make sure your email address on file is valid.
  2. Make sure your domain name and hosting service are set to auto-renew.
  3. Make sure the credit card on file is valid at the time of renewal.
Most vendors will notify you by email several days prior to scheduled renewal so make sure your email address on file is accurate as well.  As always, if you have any questions when the time comes, please feel free to call.