One of the greatest benefits of having a WordPress based site is the ability it gives you to login and add or edit content on your own, without the need for specialized web development knowledge. The first step in accessing your site to make changes is to log in to the dashboard.

Around the time that we completed your site, and just before your dashboard training class, we provide you with the URL, the username, and a password for your site. The URL would look something like Please be sure to store this information in a safe place so you will have it available whenever you need to login to your dashboard. Once you have it handy, please view this video tutorial which will walk you through the login process.


Some security experts recommend that you change your passwords from time to time. If you do change the password for your site dashboard for any reason, please be sure to update your records so you will always have access to your valid password.

If you should need my assistance with your site at anytime after you change your password, please let me know the current password to avoid delays in my ability to assist you.