We are so glad you decided to invest in an effective website designed and built to make your phone ring. 

In order for you to continue to get the maximum benefit  from your Social Cindy website, we have trained you to care for and feed you website using the simple but powerful WordPress dashboard built into your site.  Your comfort and skill with the site will grow the more you use the dashboard area.  To help you get rolling we have collected an assortment of video tutorials that cover basic operations such as posting to your blog, and installing software updates.  We plan to expand on the selection of tutorials over time.  In the meantime if you need assistance on any particular procedure there are tons more WordPress tutorials on YouTube, or give us a call.  We are happy to help. 



Table of Contents


Your Domain Name and Hosing Account

 How to Log In to Your WordPress Dashboard

How to post to your WordPress blog

How to add a WordPress gallery to your post

How to add a video to your post.

Backing Up Your Website

Installing Software Updates for Your Website


The very first thing…

The very first item in this owners manual talks about your domain name and hosting account.    We feel strongly that it is in the business owner best interest for them to retain control of your website.    This is why we asked you to register your domain name and set up hosting with a well established vendor.  

This means you always retain the keys to your site.   This also means you are responsible to maintain your domain and hosting account provider.   Don’t worry, this is actually pretty simple.  Your vendor will contact you if necessary, by email.   So just make sure the email on file with your vendor is valid.  When your account is due for renewal they will almost always automatically charge your renewal fee to the credit card on file.  So make sure the credit card on file is always valid. 

We suggest you take a moment right now and record the contact information and account information details for your domain registrar and hosting company in a safe place along with your business records.  It’s not really easy to let your domain name or hosting account expire, but if you do, its not always easy to recover your content.