Social Cindy specializes in taking your business from where you are now, to a point where your web presence is making your phone ring. We begin each project with a thorough analysis of your existing web presence to determine what is working and what could be working harder.


If you need a website, or if you need a new website, our team will create a custom WordPress based, responsive website design with an integrated blog. Your custom design will honor your existing branding, and marketing collateral so that you project a unified image from your business card to your fleet of vehicles, to your web presence.

Our analysis may indicate you don’t need a new website. Maybe you just need our team to go through your existing site and use all the means possible to let Google know what you are about.

Our goal will be to make sure your web presence is as visible as possible in a search for the products and services you offer.
We offer custom websites starting with an investment of as little as $1350.


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO means many things to many people. In essence,  it means  to make your site more appealing to a search engine so it will show your pages in results of a search for the keywords and phrases for which you would like your website to be visible.

How do we do that? Google’s mission is very simple. Google simply wants to show it’s users the most important websites it can find for whatever term they have searched. To accomplish this mission the “algorithm” they use, to determine the most important pages, changes constantly.

We will identify the best bang for the buck modifications we can make in your web presence to maximize your chances of ranking well.  We will present you with a proposal that we believe will earn you more than it costs you.

We firmly believe in the long run, a website should make you money, rather than cost you money.

Social Media Services

Social Cindy is all about visibility in search engine results.  The main reason we are involved in blogging and social media, and why we feel so strongly that you should be too,  is because we discovered Google pays close attention to blogging and social media when it decides who to show in a search result.

When we first discovered how much consistent and persistent blogging could help a small company show up prominently in a Google search, we went back to our client the plumber, and said if you want to show up on page one, you have got to do this!   Our plumber friend patiently explained to us how he comes home after 10:00 most nights, hot, tired and hungry.  “The last thing I am going to do,” said the plumber,” is to sit down at my computer and bang our a blog post!”

That is when we decided to offer blog and social management services for all of our plumbers.  Our plumber said, “if I can hire someone to blog for me, and if the cost is reasonable, I would be happy to do that.”   Social Cindy Social Media Service was born.

So, how do we make sure it’s affordable?   Simple, we let you set your own budget.   You tell us how much you can afford on a monthly basis, and we design the best bang for the buck campaign we can for you.

If you are intrigued, we suggest you call us.  Tell us about your business and your ideal client.  Let us perform our analysis on your web presence and make a recommendation.   Call us today at (949) 813 3860!  What are you waiting for?