What is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization?

When your ideal prospect seeks to find information about the products, and services you provide, they will likely key some keywords into a search engine like Google or Bing.  SEO is the art of optimizing your website’s ability to compel Google, or Bing to show your website high in the search results of that search.  The trick is to optimize for any and all terms your ideal client might use to find information about the products, and services you provide.

Most consumers begin the hunt for goods and services with a web search using Google or another search engine.

If you website is not listed among the results they see, you are giving up a great head start to your competitors who are listed. 

Google’s Mission is Very Simple. 

When someone keys in a term or phrase into the  Google search box,  Google wants to return a list of the best, most relevant, and authoritative websites it can find for that term or phrase.  Although the mission is simple, the means that Google uses to determine which websites to show is complex and ever-changing. You can learn more about the formula, or algorithm that Google and other search engines employ here.


The SEO Specialist will help you determine what terms your ideal prospect will likely key in to find information about the products and services you provide.   Your SEO Specialist will then use all means available to let Google know that your website is a good source of information about those terms.  You can learn more about selecting the best SEO Specialist here.

The Best SEO.

Social Cindy believes that the key to achieving Google visibility is to give Google what it wants.  If Google wants to show the most relevant websites for each search term, then simply try to be the most relevant website for the terms that are relevant to your important terms.  

  1. The first step is to make it easy for Google to learn for what terms your pages are relevant.  There are dozens of opportunities in the code of your pages for you to help Google know what keywords your page is relevant to.  Use them all.
  2. Another secret is that Google loves blog posts.  As a test, we have placed the exact same content on both a static page and a blog post.  Google finds the blog post first and ranks it higher in search results every time.  If your website is lacking a blog, or you are not blogging consistently and persistently, you are missing one of the best secret weapons for gaining Google visibility.
  3. One more secret is that Google is increasingly looking at factors outside your website itself in trying to determine which sites to show.  This is why so many SEO companies focus on building inbound links to your website as a means to increase visibility.  We believe this is important but we also believe that Google is paying more and more attention to the social media presence surrounding your website.

The team at social Cindy is set up to help you do all those things.  Call us at (772) 617 2499.

Our Results Speak for Themselves.

We recently finished building a website for a Landscape Contractor in Vero Beach,  Florida.  As we built the site, we used all the means possible to help Google discover what the site content is about, and we blogged a little along the way.  If you want to see the results, search Google for “landscape designer, Sebastian, Florida.”  You should see our client www.palmcoastlandscape.com near the top of the first page of the results.

So if we are any good at SEO, we should be able to make our own website perform well, right?



So Google “SEO, Vero Beach.”  You should see Social Cindy’s website up near the top of the first page of organic listings.  (You know our competitors would beat us if they could.)


This kind of visibility can’t help but make the phone ring.  Social Cindy loves to help business owners modify their web presence to make the phone ring.  If you would like your website to work harder to generate revenue for your business, why not give us a call?  We would love to be a part of the conversation regarding your web presence.

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