How to Choose the Right SEO Specialist.


If you “Google” the term SEO  you will probably see pages and pages of listings from SEO Specialists offering all kinds of services designed to help you make your website more visible for various keywords.  Let me warn you.  It does not take much training to hang out a shingle and call yourself an SEO expert.  Some of these companies are very, very good, while others are the modern-day equivalent of Snake Oil Salesmen. 

Some companies continually monitor the changes to the algorithm which determines search result placement while others still use techniques that have been made obsolete by changes to search algorithms.  Others just have no clue at all.   How do you tell the difference?  Here are a couple of rules of thumb to help you weed out the wrong ones.  If you get a call from someone who leads you to believe they are calling from, or affiliated with Google, you can safely hang up the phone. There is no chance that you will miss out on anything there. 

Another warning sign is if someone guarantees to put you on the first page of Google.  There are no guarantees in SEO so anyone who tells you they can is not being honest with you.

Once you have weeded out the crooks and thieves, you should ask your SEO Specialist to show you the results they have achieved for clients like you.   Maybe we can save you some time.  If you are a “Main Street USA” class business operating in the Ft. Pierce, Vero Beach, or Sebastian, Florida area, call Social Cindy at (772) 410 8108.