Google search SEO Vero Beach FL

Google uses a formula, or search algorithm, to sort through all the pages of all the available sites.  Websites are constantly being crawled page by page, by  little software programs called “bots.”  The “bots” are trying to determine what each web page is about.   Once a bot “knows” what the current page is about, the Google algorithm controls the bot to determines how important each website might be for that topic.  

The Algorithm Changes

In the early days, Google used to let the website owner tell it what the pages were about by specifying  “keywords” in an area of the programming code called  a “meta tag.”  Google soon found that website builders were misusing the keyword tags to pull the wool over Google’s eyes.  The Google algorithm was changed and has been changing ever since. 

Each time Google modifies the algorithm, webmasters try to figure out how to use the changes to get Google to show their sites.   Once webmasters figure out how to “game” the system, Google changes the algorithm again.  It is the job of the SEO specialist to keep up with the changes and make sure your website is doing all it can to let Google know your content is relevant to terms your ideal client may search.

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