Just south of Los Angeles County, lies the thriving metropolis, more accurately described as a contiguous collection of cities, called Orange County, CA.  Social Cindy Website Design and Social Media Services was founded in Orange County, CA in 2008.  Social Cindy initially set out to develop affordable websites for Main Street class businesses which would actually make their phone ring with new prospects who found the websites we built, on the web.   

Social Cindy developed new and  more effective means of generating  search engine visibility, (SEO,) for the websites we developed for our customers.  It was when we discovered the power of social media in creating search engine visibility that we began offering Social Media Marketing Services for small businesses in Orange County, who did not have the time, means, or desire to do social media themselves. .

In 2012, Social Cindy relocated to sunny Vero Beach, Florida.  About all we know about Vero Beach was that it used to be the home of Spring training for the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team.   We set out to show the business owners here in Vero Beach, the difference a dynamic website can make.  It turns out out methods work every bit as well here in Florida, as they did not California.  

All of our business is performed online, so we really are not restricted to Orange County, CA. We actually do perform some website design, social media, and SEO work for  companies located in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Boston, as well as Orange County, and here in Vero Beach, Florida.



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