Social Cindy says…”This is the year that small businesses all over the Country will adopt Social Media Marketing as an essential part of their marketing plan. Social Cindy is here to assist those small business owners who do not have the time or inclination to execute a Social Media Marketing plan themselves.”

We are enlarging our platform to include guest bloggers who will be talking, or blogging about things in their lives, social issues, but not politics, that are affecting us all.

The United States of America is not going to fail. Businesses, from small to large, will rise up again. As Americans, we can not afford to be stagnant or passive. They say that with every adversity comes the seed of an equal or greater benefit. We at Social Cindy believe our “seed” is social media and the web. To that we add that now is not the time to wait and hope that things will get better, now is the time to seize opportunities and MAKE things better.

Can’t find a job, start a company. Can’t find clothes that fit, challenge the clothing companies to sew clothes that fit real people. Be inspired by the strength of the good people around you. Social Media is a great platform for pushing change. Let’s do it!!

Join us on our journey, and if you would love to be a part of it, but just don’t have the time, that is okay, too. Email us your ideas, we will expand them and write for you. Your company needs social media work, Social Media Marketing is what we do. Can we help you?

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