My name is Cindy Fletcher and I am one of the owners and founders of Together my staff and I   build mobile enhanced WordPress sites and blogs, establish and maintain Twitter Accounts, Facebook Pages, Pinterest Boards, Web-mail Campaigns, and act as Website Administrators for our clients. We also design flyers, manage projects,  as well as perform market research for companies.

I have been in Marketing and Sales for quite some time now. In fact, I started as a mere child when my father, Ray Gauthier, invented individually wrapped slices of cheese.

Cindy demonstrating individually sliced cheese

I learned at his knee how important customer service is, how to give people what they want by listening to their needs, not simply trying to get them to buy something from you. I learned about volunteering from both my parents and giving back to your community.

Social Cindy’s staff doesn’t simply promise, we deliver. We know it’s easier to keep a happy client than it is to keep getting new ones. And we do most of our business based upon referrals.

Cindy Fletcher