You  know that your small business needs a consistent and effective Social Media presence but you are fully busy already.

Social Cindy can help by creating a strategy based on your type of business and the competition in your market.  Social Cindy will analyze your existing on-line presence and build out any important elements that are missing.

Once the strategy and your platform  are in place,  Social Cindy will then maintain your Social Media campaign.  We will work with you put your marketing message  in front of the maximum number of eyeballs within your target market.  We work with your budget to give you the biggest bang for your buck.

OR we can give you a stronger presence by talking about you on OUR blog. is building up some steam, like the little engine that could. We can use our steam to help power your engine.

If you are starting from scratch, and need the website too, we can help.  The website design department at can create a custom WordPress based website that has all the on page SEO features built in. All of the website designs created by the Website Design department at Social Cindy, are mobile responsive, and include an integrated blog to give you all the advantages when it comes to ranking well in a Google search for your ideal clients.

Touch base and ask us how that works…