In a word, YES! But to be most effective, social media campaigns must be consistent and persistent, and they must resonate with your ideal client.

Last year the buzz was all about creating a social media presence. Social media marketing among small businesses ramped up considerably. You probably noticed many of your competitors  are now on facebook and twitter.

If social media platforms like Facebook, and Twitter possess the power to bring down oppressive regimes in third world countries, you know  they  have the power to  make your business more visible to your ideal client.

Social-Cindy is  getting  calls from small to medium sized shops to build and maintain a social media presence for them .Business owners have been told in their industry workshops that a social media presence is a must. We also get calls to help companies begin their own in house social media campaigns which they will ultimately manage themselves. Some are  able to follow through, others end up hiring us to do it for them.

There is a saying that many business owners spend too much time working  IN their business versus ON their business. We know that many small business owners are fully busy with the day to day requirements of running their business, and that often makes the task of working ON their business move to the back burner.

It was because of this very situation that   Social-Cindy was conceived. Many of the blogs and social media tools we built for our website clients went unused.  Business owners confessed they just did not have the time or resources to maintain their presence with consistency.  We  created  to offer the small business owner and affordable alternative.

Now you have the  option to have a solid web presence without taking time away from all the other critical activities they must do to maintain a successful business. 

We have the ability to tailor your  social media presence  to fit your budget, and use input from you to keep the message on track and stay consistent with your market and your brand.  It takes time and consistency to get known, and we are convinced that those who act first will get more bang for their buck.

Why not call  Social-Cindy and see if our solution to the social media challenge is right for you.   We can be reached at (949) 813 3860. We look forward to hearing from you.

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