Social Cindy was opened for business in the beautiful South Orange County city of  Dana Point, Ca. In 2012, we made the move to Vero Beach, Fl, but we have maintained our customer base in California.  Because we are a web-based company, it doesn’t matter where we are physically located, what matters is that we deliver on our promises, and we do. Now we have customers from all over the country.

Many of those customers have called upon us to update those existing sites, and get them showing up on mobile devices. If your website is more than 4 or 5 years old, it may not be mobile responsive. It could even be a site with Flash, and those don’t work at all well. As of April 2015, Google is going to begin factoring in the mobile responsiveness of each website into how it will rank sites in its search algorithms.

Whether you need a new website, need your old website updated, or simply need help with your social media, we can help.

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