Safe & Sound Service Plan for WordPress

We have always felt one of many advantages of working with Social Cindy for your business website is we never ever require you to pay a monthly maintenance fee for your website. That said, I believe some of our customers may appreciate the option to have routine maintenance items handled for them … Read more about Safe & Sound Service Plan for WordPress

Its Time For A New Website!

Is it time for a new website? Let me ask you this. Is your website five years old, or heaven forbid, even older? Then it's time, give us a call. We will build you a newer, snazzier, more efficient, ADA Compliant, Mobile-friendly website. So much has changed in the past five years that we don't … Read more about Its Time For A New Website!

How Will YOUR Business Be Different in 2019?

  Are you changing the way you do business in 2019? Haven't even given it a thought? Well, perhaps this year, it's time to tweak a few things. I am betting you have already noticed this, but just in case it's slipped by you, things are a little different now than they were a few years … Read more about How Will YOUR Business Be Different in 2019?

I Saw Your Website

Your business line rings, you answer with a cheerful greeting and if the voice on the line isn't familiar, perhaps you ask the person " How did you hear about us?" The answer might be, Fred Smith gave me your name, or it could be, I found your website online and I liked what I saw and decided to … Read more about I Saw Your Website

Business Website

Are you still  on the fence on whether to launch a business website?  There is no time like the present to take advantage of a hungry market looking for the best value and well reviewed businesses.  Don’t believe that?  How many times have you used Angie’s List or Yelp for … Read more about Business Website

WordPress Updates for Safety and Security

The WordPress community has been busy writing updates for the WordPress platform itself, as well as the themes, and plugins that make up your dynamic website.  Many of these updates  focus on improving the safety and security of your website.  Social Cindy recommends that you … Read more about WordPress Updates for Safety and Security

Introducing Graphic Artist Kelsey Beaudoin

Graphic Artist and Entrepreneur Kelsey has recently relocated to Sebastian Florida and joined our BNI group. As we work in complementary fields I thought it would be a good idea to invite her on our site to let you know what it is she does. Kelsey is a creative, she loves to cook, dance, and … Read more about Introducing Graphic Artist Kelsey Beaudoin

New Trends In Marketing

Everything that is old is new again.  We’ve all heard that phrase and it never more true than in business.  There is a sense of longing for the days of personalized customer service, attention to detail, and feeling cherished as a customer.  We are becoming more selective as customers … Read more about New Trends In Marketing

Special Offer

Social Cindy has built  100's of  Wordpress websites just in the past 5 years, and many of those websites were handed over to their owners after we provided them training.  With the advent of so many attacks on websites, we are concerned that some of these sites we built are not … Read more about Special Offer