Social Cindy’s Online Marketing Advice

Social Cindy has been busy lately. We are building 9 new websites and we have given several presentations about social media over the past couple of months. I think the one that was the most fun was talking to the Online Marketing Class at IRC Vero Beach.  It is an honor that people ask us to … Read more about Social Cindy’s Online Marketing Advice

Categories, Tags and Descriptions!!

I have emphasised the importance of having a blog and updating it regularly. And some of you are listening. That's good. I can tell that you aren't all the way there yet, though, because your categories, tags and descriptions are not reflecting your topics. Therefore they aren't really helping … Read more about Categories, Tags and Descriptions!!

Are You “Exporting” Your Social Media?

Have You Exported Your Social Media ? Are you sure of the answer? Maybe you have hired a company to perform your social media functions, if the price is very low, they are not doing your social media work themselves. When bidding on social media projects, although we have a good range of … Read more about Are You “Exporting” Your Social Media?