The Do’s and Dont’s of Website Designs

When we first began our Web Design and Social Media business our biggest struggle was to convince people they didn't have to tell the world EVERYTHING about their business right there on the home page. Sometimes it's still difficult for our clients to find a balance between just enough information … Read more about The Do’s and Dont’s of Website Designs

The Importance of Thinking Before You Type

At Social Cindy, we build websites and perform social media for small companies. Because of that, we are on the web constantly. We look for trending topics, for new ways to make our sites show up in search engines, and we see Facebook and Twitter posts from all over the world. Some of what we see is … Read more about The Importance of Thinking Before You Type

Can A Website Do It All?

I responded to a remark made by a local business woman on an online referral forum. She had commissioned someone to build a website for her, it had been over a year and she felt cheated because that website didn't bring her any customers. My heart breaks a little when I read things like … Read more about Can A Website Do It All?

The Internet Of Things

  I spend wayyy too much time on the web. partly because it's my job to do so, and partly because I am a curious person by nature. I came across this post the other day and I bookmarked it, because it looked interesting, but I was trying to stay focused on the task at hand. Which for me … Read more about The Internet Of Things

About Websites

  For the past ten years and more, my partners and I have been building webpages and social media campaigns which produces results. This task is not a static one, it involves constantly monitoring our sites, looking for what worked last month but isn't working this month. Just when we … Read more about About Websites

The State of Business and the Web in 2017

" Kiss today good bye, and point me towards tomorrow, wish me luck , the same to you."  2016 was a heck of a year, and some days I wasn't sure I was going to make it through, but here I am. Business wise, I think we had our best year ever, since we started in the Website and Social media arena. … Read more about The State of Business and the Web in 2017

What’s The Big Deal About SEO

If you write a blog, run a website, or pretty much do anything online, you know about the value of SEO (Search Engine Optimization if you don’t know what we’re talking about). Quite simply, SEO is how you get found online. So, it makes sense that we would want to utilize techniques and tools to … Read more about What’s The Big Deal About SEO

Realtors, Do You Need Someone to Build Your Site, and Blog For You?

Realtors, if you are looking for the right team to build an income producing website and blog for you, I know just who you should hire..okay, it probably should have been whom, but that just sounded wrong. Whom should you hire? US!! that's who. Bill and Cindy Fletcher. Formerly from Dana Point … Read more about Realtors, Do You Need Someone to Build Your Site, and Blog For You?

Blogging is Hard , But it Works.

I would love to issue a challenge to all the people out there who think what I do is easy. I would like to ask you to identify ten engaging topics for posts on a dental website. Not only ten topics, but a 200 word post that will keep people interested, and perhaps cause them to share that post on … Read more about Blogging is Hard , But it Works.

Branding and Your Company

This must be the month where we talk about branding. In addition to Phil Blank’s great post about the technical aspects of branding your company, I found a  post full of very different ideas about how to brand your business. Most of which I heartily agree with.  … Read more about Branding and Your Company

Facebook Conversations About Websites

A Facebook Conversation about how to get your site to rank in Google. A friend of mine, Audra Wrightson, is an amazing interior designer. I used her to stage my home in California for sale, and it got more showings in two days, after her staging, than it had received in several weeks. She is … Read more about Facebook Conversations About Websites