I Can Do My Own Blogging, Cindy

I am lucky, I have some of the best customers a company could ask for. But sometimes they just make me shake my head in frustration. This is an example. A customer hires me to do the very basic social media package. I do that, and because of who I am, I usually do a bit more. It starts to work. … Read more about I Can Do My Own Blogging, Cindy

Social Media, The New Yellow Pages?

Social media is a newer word in our vocabulary. If you simply take the words at face value, all social media should be is a way to be social via media. Yet it is not that simple. Social media has changed how we find good and services, how we market to each other, how we give referrals.  In the past … Read more about Social Media, The New Yellow Pages?

Puppy Love Saves Puppy Lives

Post three in the series. Facebook and Social Media not only works for people, it works for man's best friend just as well. Although most of us enjoy a cute puppy or kitty post every so often, this post was a little more serious in tone.  … Read more about Puppy Love Saves Puppy Lives

Does Social Media Leave Us Lonely?

I have read posts which state that social media, particularly Facebook, can lead to depression and feeling of inadequacy and loneliness. For me, the exact opposite is true. Almost three years ago, my family and I moved clear across the country from Southern California to Vero Beach Florida. While I … Read more about Does Social Media Leave Us Lonely?

A Life Saved By Twitter

Lost Biker Tweets For Help Competing in a mini-triathlon is exhilarating, but the thrill Leigh Fazzina felt in July 2010 turned to terror when she hit tree roots and flew over her handle bars; badly injuring and stranding herself away from the path and her peers. … Read more about A Life Saved By Twitter

The Power of Social Media Series

Social Cindy discovered Social Media in 2007. I had never dreamed that it would become the focus of my life and my career. But here I am !! I am the type of person, who, once I embrace something, shares up a storm, quite enthusiastically I might say. And once I discovered what Blogging, Facebook, … Read more about The Power of Social Media Series

Post to Your Blog, Feed to Social Media

My partner @social-cindy builds some amazing websites, mobile enhanced, gorgeous to look at, filled with all the smart SEO tricks he has learned over the years. Before we even hand these new sites off to our customers, many of them are ranking on page 1 of Google. We write several blog posts and … Read more about Post to Your Blog, Feed to Social Media

Cindy, I Don’t Need Social Media

I have some clients who testify each week, at both my BNI meeting, and my husband’s BNI meeting, that they get leads and closed business from the work that either Social Cindy performs, or the client themselves perform on various social media platforms and their blog. And yet, week after week, we … Read more about Cindy, I Don’t Need Social Media

New Website From Social-Cindy

We just launched a beautiful new, mobile enhanced website for Realtor Steve Rennick  and we would love it if you could take a moment to check it out and let us know if you like it..Thanks   The social-cindy team Vero Beach, Fl Orange County, Ca  Steve Rennick |  Real Estate, … Read more about New Website From Social-Cindy

Testimonials For Social Cindy

We tell our clients to please put testimonials on their websites. But do we? I have been so busy working on everyone else's social media, blogs and new sites that this note has been recurring on my Outlook Calendar for months. Social Cindy and her team are busy building new social media profiles … Read more about Testimonials For Social Cindy

What Is YOUR Business Plan?

You are getting all of your paperwork ready for tax time, or at least you probably should be. As you go through your business bank statements, how much did you spend on marketing, email campaings, targeted mailings to local business? How much did you spend making certain your brand is elegant, … Read more about What Is YOUR Business Plan?