What Is YOUR Business Plan?

You are getting all of your paperwork ready for tax time, or at least you probably should be. As you go through your business bank statements, how much did you spend on marketing, email campaigns, targeted mailings to local businesses? How much did you spend making certain your brand is elegant, … Read more about What Is YOUR Business Plan?

Keywords, What Are They Good For?

Keyword...what is that? The non-technical explanation is, keywords are the words you think your ideal client will key in a search engine when they are looking for information about products or services you offer. If you know what the keywords are for your type of business, and you have ever worked … Read more about Keywords, What Are They Good For?

Social Media for 2014

Finally, people are coming to us more often than we go to them. They know it's time to join the social media movement, but they still don't want to spend the money. They will tell us that there is no budget for a new website, or a monthly social media campaign, but in the next breath they are … Read more about Social Media for 2014