Is Your Marketing Plan Keeping Pace in the Digital Age?

  What is your brand? Who is your target customer? What make your business different from the others who offer the same service? When someone asks you those questions do you stare at them blankly, wondering what to say? Or do you serve up a list of canned answers and hope they get it? … Read more about Is Your Marketing Plan Keeping Pace in the Digital Age?

Social Media & Websites

You are out in the car, driving to your destination, and your partner asks you a question. "Are there any good movies playing tonight?" A few years ago you would have said, " I don't know, let's grab a newspaper and look up the movie listings." Now you look up the movie listings on your phone. And … Read more about Social Media & Websites

Social Media Is Easy, I Can Do It Myself

    Social Cindy is no different from any other company. We get really excited when people call because they've found us on the web. They saw our website, liked what it had to say, and called us up. That's the whole point of having a website, right? So people will find your … Read more about Social Media Is Easy, I Can Do It Myself

Happy Superbowl LI

Get out the deviled eggs, hot dogs and homemade chili. Regardless who you are rooting for to win, we hope the Superbowl provides you a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family, in the spirit of good friendly competition. From the team at Social Cindy #websitedesignverobeach … Read more about Happy Superbowl LI

It’s Time to Vote

We will spare you the lecture about all the people who shed blood, and even gave up their lives, so we would have the right to vote.   You know that as well as we do.  Instead, let me suggest that even if this is not the election we had hoped for, it's still important to go to the … Read more about It’s Time to Vote

Who Is Your Best Type of Customer

When Bill and I meet with a new client for any kind of online marketing work, we have a series of questions we ask. About three quarters of the time we are met with blank stares. We understand. It's like when you were in school and the teacher would ask, "Who are YOU?". WE could tell him our name, … Read more about Who Is Your Best Type of Customer

Facebook Conversations About Websites

A Facebook Conversation about how to get your site to rank in Google. A friend of mine, Audra Wrightson, is an amazing interior designer. I used her to stage my home in California for sale, and it got more showings in two days, after her staging, than it had received in several weeks. She is … Read more about Facebook Conversations About Websites

Puppy Love Saves Puppy Lives

Post three in the series. Facebook and Social Media not only works for people, it works for man's best friend just as well. Although most of us enjoy a cute puppy or kitty post every so often, this post was a little more serious in tone.  … Read more about Puppy Love Saves Puppy Lives

Does Social Media Leave Us Lonely?

I have read posts which state that social media, particularly Facebook, can lead to depression and feeling of inadequacy and loneliness. For me, the exact opposite is true. Almost three years ago, my family and I moved clear across the country from Southern California to Vero Beach Florida. While I … Read more about Does Social Media Leave Us Lonely?

The Power of Social Media Series

Social Cindy discovered Social Media in 2007. I had never dreamed that it would become the focus of my life and my career. But here I am !! I am the type of person, who, once I embrace something, shares up a storm, quite enthusiastically I might say. And once I discovered what Blogging, Facebook, … Read more about The Power of Social Media Series

Social Media Dos and Don’ts

What are some mistakes companies make on their business Facebook Page? Mistake Number one, they don't use it enough. Mistake Number Two, they use their business Facebook Page TOO MUCH. Mistake three, they get way too serious. It's called social media, not selling media.. Social Cindy manages … Read more about Social Media Dos and Don’ts