Career Tips We Should All Embrace.

Speaking at American University’s Key Executive Leadership program’s FedTalks Speaker Series recently – presented by the School of Public Affairs as “Women and the Future, revisited” - Gwendolyn Sykes and Zina B. Sutch, Ph.D. shared stories of the winding roads that took them to positions of … Read more about Career Tips We Should All Embrace.

Categories, Tags and Descriptions!!

I have emphasized the importance of having a blog and updating it regularly. And some of you are listening. That's good. I can tell that you aren't all the way there yet, though, because your categories, tags, and descriptions are not reflecting your topics. Therefore they aren't really helping … Read more about Categories, Tags and Descriptions!!

Is Google Giving Priority to Google?

Something that we in the Web business have long suspected has come to light. It looks like Google has been putting its own interests above ours. There are allegations that the widely-known Web browser has been playing favorites when it comes to placement of certain sites within your search results; … Read more about Is Google Giving Priority to Google?

Online Marketing & Social Media -Orange County

After working in social media for the past couple of years doing various types of social media, I think it is important to make some distinctions between  social media (online-marketing)  versus traditional marketing. Social media is a Marketing Tool, it is not all you need for … Read more about Online Marketing & Social Media -Orange County