‘Tis The Season For Giving

It's been a year of challenges, joys, surprises and more. Every January, my team and I try our best to begin each year with a clean slate. We try to imagine meeting new friends and helping them to build up their business. But we also hope to keep up with old friends we have made along the way. We … Read more about ‘Tis The Season For Giving

Working 1099

I will bet there are plenty of folks who don't know why I mean by this title. Working 1099? What's that? Have you truly lost it this time Cindy? We've heard of working 9 to 5, heck they even wrote a song about that. For those of you who don't already know, when you get a job at a business and … Read more about Working 1099

Networking – Why and How You Should Do It.

With a name like Social Cindy, you would think I am a natural at networking, and you would be mostly right. I LOVE meeting people organically. What do I mean by that? I LOVE to say hi to people, to chat with them, and answer their questions. … Read more about Networking – Why and How You Should Do It.

Not All Website Designers Are The Same

I attended a networking meeting last week and a fellow website and social media marketer asked me an interesting question. He said, " Which theme to you use for the sites you build at Social Cindy?" At first I was confused. We don't use "a theme". At Social Cindy we purchased a whole family of … Read more about Not All Website Designers Are The Same

Good Information, Good Graphics, Good Website, Good Results!

  When we were in the Tech Industry we installed and supported computer systems for all different types of industries.  Over a short period of time, we learned that no matter which type of business we were working for,  like most things in life, you only get out of your work, your … Read more about Good Information, Good Graphics, Good Website, Good Results!

Social Media and Your Business

Guest Blogger Kim Artlip If you’re on the fence about the importance of social media for your business success, imagine how you could grow your customer base with a skilled and experienced social media specialist who can implement the right strategies to get you the results and reach that you’re … Read more about Social Media and Your Business

The Do’s and Dont’s of Website Designs

When we first began our Web Design and Social Media business our biggest struggle was to convince people they didn't have to tell the world EVERYTHING about their business right there on the home page. Sometimes it's still difficult for our clients to find a balance between just enough information … Read more about The Do’s and Dont’s of Website Designs

Barter and Business

Social Cindy has just begun working with Liz Bowler at Itex Barter and we are excited. Periodically, throughout the years, we have traded services with other companies versus paying for them. It usually works out pretty well, but after having heard Liz speak at several networking events here in the … Read more about Barter and Business

The Power of Websites

Remember growing up and every family had a set of encyclopedias, those days are long gone.. We live in a world where people are more dependent on search engines like Google, People often tell me that it's word of mouth and referrals that drive the majority of their business, but what they are … Read more about The Power of Websites