Blogging is Hard , But it Works.

I would love to issue a challenge to all the people out there who think what I do is easy. I would like to ask you to identify ten engaging topics for posts on a dental website. Not only ten topics, but a 200 word post that will keep people interested, and perhaps cause them to share that post on … Read more about Blogging is Hard , But it Works.

I Can Do My Own Blogging, Cindy

I am lucky, I have some of the best customers a company could ask for. But sometimes they just make me shake my head in frustration. This is an example. A customer hires me to do the very basic social media package. I do that, and because of who I am, I usually do a bit more. It starts to work. … Read more about I Can Do My Own Blogging, Cindy

Facebook Conversations About Websites

A Facebook Conversation about how to get your site to rank in Google. A friend of mine, Audra Wrightson, is an amazing interior designer. I used her to stage my home in California for sale, and it got more showings in two days, after her staging, than it had received in several weeks. She is … Read more about Facebook Conversations About Websites

Post to Your Blog, Feed to Social Media

My partner @social-cindy builds some amazing websites, mobile enhanced, gorgeous to look at, filled with all the smart SEO tricks he has learned over the years. Before we even hand these new sites off to our customers, many of them are ranking on page 1 of Google. We write several blog posts and … Read more about Post to Your Blog, Feed to Social Media

Social Media Dos and Don’ts

What are some mistakes companies make on their business Facebook Page? Mistake Number one, they don't use it enough. Mistake Number Two, they use their business Facebook Page TOO MUCH. Mistake three, they get way too serious. It's called social media, not selling media.. Social Cindy manages … Read more about Social Media Dos and Don’ts

Dealing With CopyCats!!

As a blogger for not only my site, but for others as well, I am sometimes annoyed by copycats who "steal" my ideas, and even the look and style of my website. While imitation can be flattering, if someone asks permission, or even acknowledges they have borrowed from me, I don't mind too awfully … Read more about Dealing With CopyCats!!

Websites and Social Media Do Work

I am a member of a local BNI chapter in Sebastian Florida. My husband and partner is a member of the Vero Beach BNI Chapter. When we relocated here from South Orange County we began preaching the gospel of Web and Social Media. While most of our members were polite and welcoming, they were not … Read more about Websites and Social Media Do Work

How to Make Social Media Really Work for You

I have had calls for social media services off my website from people on both sides of this country. From Orange County to Atlanta to Indian River County here in Florida. Social Media is working for my social media website !! How great it that? I  believe in what I do and I am passionate about … Read more about How to Make Social Media Really Work for You

How Many Likes Do You Need?

Facebook LIKES are all the rage. It reminds me of when teenagers first got on Facebook, they friended everyone who asked. They friended friends of friends, and total strangers, because why? Because it’s cool to have a thousand friends, right? After a while a pattern emerged and they realized having … Read more about How Many Likes Do You Need?

Who Hires Someone to do Social Media?

I must tell you that I think some of the best social media comes from within companies who do it themselves. I’ve watched sites where they have a person or persons on staff, who understands how to use social media and knows their audience. Over time they learn just what to share and when to share it … Read more about Who Hires Someone to do Social Media?