How Many Likes Do You Need?

Facebook LIKES are all the rage. It reminds me of when teenagers first got on Facebook, they friended everyone who asked. They friended friends of friends, and total strangers, because why? Because it’s cool to have a thousand friends, right? After a while a pattern emerged and they realized having … Read more about How Many Likes Do You Need?

Who Hires Someone to do Social Media?

I must tell you that I think some of the best social media comes from within companies who do it themselves. I’ve watched sites where they have a person or persons on staff, who understands how to use social media and knows their audience. Over time they learn just what to share and when to share it … Read more about Who Hires Someone to do Social Media?

Social Media for 2014

Finally, people are coming to us more often than we go to them. They know it's time to join the social media movement, but they still don't want to spend the money. They will tell us that there is no budget for a new website, or a monthly social media campaign, but in the next breath they are … Read more about Social Media for 2014