The Paradigm for Businesses, Design Thinking

When I was an up and comer in the tech industry I helped to design the user interface for a data entry system that was cutting edge for the day. Instead of having to know a set series of commands to perform a function, we had ICONS on the screen. You could CLICK on them, and they would take you … Read more about The Paradigm for Businesses, Design Thinking

Its Time For A New Website!

Is it time for a new website? Let me ask you this. Is your website five years old, or heaven forbid, even older? Then it's time, give us a call. We will build you a newer, snazzier, more efficient, ADA Compliant, Mobile-friendly website. So much has changed in the past five years that we don't … Read more about Its Time For A New Website!

Why You Need A Web Presence

Did you know that when someone meets you that they form a lasting first impression within seven seconds tops?  The same holds true for your website.  First impressions count.  Your website is a powerful marketing tool. A well-maintained website can help you gain a competitive … Read more about Why You Need A Web Presence

Working 1099

I will bet there are plenty of folks who don't know why I mean by this title. Working 1099? What's that? Have you truly lost it this time Cindy? We've heard of working 9 to 5, heck they even wrote a song about that. For those of you who don't already know, when you get a job at a business and … Read more about Working 1099

On Line Shopping- Here to Stay

On my laptop, as I begin typing Amazon, up pops Amazon Prime, with the login and password screen pre filled..just ready for me to shop and shop and shop. I find myself thinking, gee, I need some more of that coffee I really like. I look it up in my orders history, and I buy it with just one … Read more about On Line Shopping- Here to Stay

Guest Blogger- Kim Artlip

My husband, Bill, our son ,Sam and I, Cindy, own our own business. We call it Social Cindy. Because we work out of the house, people often really and truly think we don't work at all. When we first moved here, Sam's friends would come over at 1;00 or 2:00 o'clock and want to just hang out. We … Read more about Guest Blogger- Kim Artlip

A Good Way to Get Your Website Noticed

  How do you get your website noticed? How do prospective customers know that you have great business savvy? You Blog.. I think so many people get confused about exactly what a blog is, so I will just say this. It's a story. It can be fictional, it can be factual, it can be happy or sad, … Read more about A Good Way to Get Your Website Noticed

Not All Website Designers Are The Same

I attended a networking meeting last week and a fellow website and social media marketer asked me an interesting question. He said, " Which theme to you use for the sites you build at Social Cindy?" At first I was confused. We don't use "a theme". At Social Cindy we purchased a whole family of … Read more about Not All Website Designers Are The Same

Things Every Business Website Needs

  People routinely name their businesses after themselves. Hint, Which is fine, but until you become a household name, no one, other than your Mom or a bill collector, is going to search for your name when they need something. They are going to search for what it is they … Read more about Things Every Business Website Needs

The Do’s and Dont’s of Website Designs

When we first began our Website Design and Social Media business our biggest struggle was to convince people they didn't have to tell the world EVERYTHING about their business right there on the home page. Sometimes it's still difficult for our clients to find a balance between just enough … Read more about The Do’s and Dont’s of Website Designs

How To Succeed In Business by a Millenial

Sam Fletcher works in this business along with my husband and I. Most of the work he does is behind the scenes. Researching topics for our different customers, finding quotes and photos to post for Facebook and Google +. He often builds the basic framework for Websites, or gets the unenviable task … Read more about How To Succeed In Business by a Millenial

I Saw Your Website

Your business line rings, you answer with a cheerful greeting and if the voice on the line isn't familiar, perhaps you ask the person " How did you hear about us?" The answer might be, Fred Smith gave me your name, or it could be, I found your website online and I liked what I saw and decided to … Read more about I Saw Your Website