Open House For The Brand New AAA Office in Vero Beach

Both my partner Bill Fletcher, and I are members of local BNI Networking groups. Each of us has a travel agent in our respective BNI group, Kelly Bergstrom is in Business Builders of the Treasure Coast. Cheryl Livingston is in Power Partners of IRC. And my husband's group also has  AAA … Read more about Open House For The Brand New AAA Office in Vero Beach

Customer Service

My partner and I have been in various businesses over the years. Sometimes we worked for big companies, sometimes we worked for small companies, and ultimately we decided to operate our own business. But no matter where we worked, or who we worked for, we never had the attitude that it was somebody … Read more about Customer Service

Special Offer

Social Cindy has built  100's of  Wordpress websites just in the past 5 years, and many of those websites were handed over to their owners after we provided them training.  With the advent of so many attacks on websites, we are concerned that some of these sites we built are not … Read more about Special Offer

What is the Scoop on Social Media

The power of social media as an online marketing tool extends beyond selfies and food porn. It's not all about puppies and kittens either, although they are really cute. According to Social Media Examiner there are some amazing facts that should sway your business into social media.  Take a … Read more about What is the Scoop on Social Media

Social Media Campaigns

There once was a saying" If you don't have a Website, then you're not a real company". Nowadays we add, if your business doesn't have a Facebook Page to promote your website, you are losing money! YELP! Having stated that, I want to also give you some  advice. When you create Social Media … Read more about Social Media Campaigns

How To Rank in the Search Engines

Consistence and persistence. Blog, post in Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+. Run ads and promotions which direct traffic to your site. Use keywords that apply to your business. There is no great shortcut for consistent and persistent work. I should know, I don't spend enough time on my own site. I spend … Read more about How To Rank in the Search Engines

Social Media, The New Yellow Pages?

Social media is a newer word in our vocabulary. If you simply take the words at face value, all social media should be is a way to be social via media. Yet it is not that simple. Social media has changed how we find good and services, how we market to each other, how we give referrals.  In the past … Read more about Social Media, The New Yellow Pages?

Post to Your Blog, Feed to Social Media

My partner @social-cindy builds some amazing websites, mobile enhanced, gorgeous to look at, filled with all the smart SEO tricks he has learned over the years. Before we even hand these new sites off to our customers, many of them are ranking on page 1 of Google. We write several blog posts and … Read more about Post to Your Blog, Feed to Social Media

Dealing With CopyCats!!

As a blogger for not only my site, but for others as well, I am sometimes annoyed by copycats who "steal" my ideas, and even the look and style of my website. While imitation can be flattering, if someone asks permission, or even acknowledges they have borrowed from me, I don't mind too awfully … Read more about Dealing With CopyCats!!

Cindy, I Don’t Need Social Media

I have some clients who testify each week, at both my BNI meeting, and my husband’s BNI meeting, that they get leads and closed business from the work that either Social Cindy performs, or the client themselves perform on various social media platforms and their blog. And yet, week after week, we … Read more about Cindy, I Don’t Need Social Media

Who Hires Someone to do Social Media?

I must tell you that I think some of the best social media comes from within companies who do it themselves. I’ve watched sites where they have a person or persons on staff, who understands how to use social media and knows their audience. Over time they learn just what to share and when to share it … Read more about Who Hires Someone to do Social Media?

The Pawn Star and Social Media

CNN posted an interview with Rick Harrison, one of the stars of the show Pawn Stars. The advice he gave to other small business owners looking for success applies to every type of business. My social-media clients who get the best return on their investment run sales, give prizes, and incentivize … Read more about The Pawn Star and Social Media