Are You Using Social Media Effectively for Your Business?

According to the most recent industry statistics from the Harvard Business Journal, the number of businesses that feel they use social media most effectively tops out at 12%. Considering 60% of existing businesses are already using social media, that is a startling number. I can tell you, as one who … Read more about Are You Using Social Media Effectively for Your Business?

Dealing With CopyCats!!

As a blogger for not only my site, but for others as well, I am sometimes annoyed by copycats who "steal" my ideas, and even the look and style of my website. While imitation can be flattering, if someone asks permission, or even acknowledges they have borrowed from me, I don't mind too awfully … Read more about Dealing With CopyCats!!

Mobile Responsive Websites

For the past 7 years we have built a number of Wordpress Websites, from very simple blog style sites, to more elaborate sites. Our sites are built to perform well in the search engine rankings, they look good, are visually pleasing, and in general the wording is easy to understand. Now we are also … Read more about Mobile Responsive Websites

What Makes You Different?

What makes your company unique? Why would someone do business with your company instead of your competitor? Who is your target customer? Do you have more than one type of customer? Those are all difficult questions to answer. I struggle with that one myself. I certainly know why I think my company … Read more about What Makes You Different?

Social Media Consultants & Your Employees!!

Riverside Cleaning Services, Inc, of Vero Beach cleans my house for me each and every Monday. I love Carole, Andrew and Loretta and Kristeana and Crystal. These are people who truly take pride in what they do. They care about their work, and they care about the people they do the work for. I am so … Read more about Social Media Consultants & Your Employees!!

Social Media Rules!! Be careful

Social media wins again. This weekend Whitney Houston passed away. Before the major networks reported a stitch of information about her death, it was out on Twitter. I can’t argue here whether it’s good or bad that social media broke the news, but it was reported on Twitter first. Like it or not, … Read more about Social Media Rules!! Be careful

Economic Recovery – It’s up to US !!!

I just spent a few hours and a few hundred dollars getting my brakes fixed. I was waiting at the brake shop. There was nothing much to do there, and my Droid's battery had died yet again, so I read magazines. Yes, you heard right, I read magazines. I used to love reading magazines, but these days I … Read more about Economic Recovery – It’s up to US !!!