The Pawn Star and Social Media

CNN posted an interview with Rick Harrison, one of the stars of the show Pawn Stars. The advice he gave to other small business owners looking for success applies to every type of business. My social-media clients who get the best return on their investment run sales, give prizes and incentivise … Read more about The Pawn Star and Social Media

Florida’s Space Coast – what now?

The end of the Shuttle Space program is not only something that I care about as an American citizen; it is something that has touched me personally. I have family and friends who live on the space Coast of Florida.   Although not all of the people I know there actually work for NASA, everyone on the … Read more about Florida’s Space Coast – what now?

Economic Recovery – It’s up to US !!!

I just spent a few hours and a few hundred dollars getting my brakes fixed. I was waiting at the brake shop. There was nothing much to do there, and my Droid's battery had died yet again, so I read magazines. Yes, you heard right, I read magazines. I used to love reading magazines, but these days I … Read more about Economic Recovery – It’s up to US !!!

Blog,Tweet,Yelp,Howl…Facebook Advertising

As past of my chosen career path, Social Media, it is important for me to read up on all things Web related, but I must tell you the sheer volume of material available is almost overwhelming. The difficult part of my current postition is to give out useful information without going too far over … Read more about Blog,Tweet,Yelp,Howl…Facebook Advertising

More Social Media Tips

Social Media is not rocket science, it is just time consuming. In previous posts, I have said  that consistency is the bedrock of any marketing campaign. It is even more important in your Social Media campaign. What  you are trying to do is not only buy a piece of people's minds, you are trying to … Read more about More Social Media Tips

How to use Social Media like a Presidential Candidate

You are going to want to book mark this blog post and keep it top of mind. There are so many people out on the web touting the virtues of using Social Media to promote your company, and you don't have to search hard to find an overwhelming volume of information on how to do it. What I am going to … Read more about How to use Social Media like a Presidential Candidate