How To Succeed In Business by a Millenial

Sam Fletcher works in this business along with my husband and I. Most of the work he does is behind the scenes. Researching topics for our different customers, finding quotes and photos to post for Facebook and Google +. He often builds the basic framework for Websites, or gets the unenviable task … Read more about How To Succeed In Business by a Millenial

Anyone Can Build a Website, But Not Everyone Can Build a Good One!

I sometimes get a little nervous because there is SO much competition lately in our chosen career field. I attended   a local networking luncheon, and there was no less than 5 other people claiming to be Digital Marketing Companies, Social Media Companies, Website Companies. There was even … Read more about Anyone Can Build a Website, But Not Everyone Can Build a Good One!

To Have a Website or Not To Have a Website

  I have often preached the virtues of having a great website. It is my passion, and it's also my profession, to make beautiful, productive websites on the WordPress platform. Why? Because I believe in them as a marketing tool. In fact, it's my belief  your website is one of the most … Read more about To Have a Website or Not To Have a Website

Working From Home

  Even though Boston College reports approximately two-thirds of people believe working at home is a positive influence on job success, work/life balance, and job commitment, those of us who use a home office understand the difficulties associated with productivity. A home office means there … Read more about Working From Home

LinkedIn Helpful Hints

With 50 Million users, LinkedIn is the ultimate social platform for professionals. In addition to making connections, you can get introductions, obtain recommendations and collaborate with hundreds of industry professionals and peers in your network. LinkedIn is such a powerful tool but not many … Read more about LinkedIn Helpful Hints

Customer Service

My partner and I have been in various businesses over the years. Sometimes we worked for big companies, sometimes we worked for small companies, and ultimately we decided to operate our own business. But no matter where we worked, or who we worked for, we never had the attitude that it was somebody … Read more about Customer Service

Be Specific With Your Keywords

You are the best Real Estate agent  ever, or it could be that you are the best plumber ever, or the best mortgage guy, or the very best family law attorney. The BEST.  If you have thousands of dollars and your blog twice a day, every day and you post on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram … Read more about Be Specific With Your Keywords