Social Media and Your Business

Guest Blogger Kim Artlip If you’re on the fence about the importance of social media for your business success, imagine how you could grow your customer base with a skilled and experienced social media specialist who can implement the right strategies to get you the results and reach that you’re … Read more about Social Media and Your Business

The Do’s and Dont’s of Website Designs

When we first began our Web Design and Social Media business our biggest struggle was to convince people they didn't have to tell the world EVERYTHING about their business right there on the home page. Sometimes it's still difficult for our clients to find a balance between just enough information … Read more about The Do’s and Dont’s of Website Designs

Social Media and Your Business

Can Social Media help in your business? I believe that answer is yes! Social Media can, and does, help your business get more business. How? Well, here are some ways I personally know of. Facebook advertising. If you have even a small budget, advertising on Facebook will get you name … Read more about Social Media and Your Business

Marketing Your Company

Here at Social Cindy we get to work with businesses here in Indian River County, across the US and back in Orange County. After the crash of 2008, it has been our great pleasure to help some of those businesses and to watch them grow from struggling operations into thriving enterprises. … Read more about Marketing Your Company

Barter and Business

Social Cindy has just begun working with Liz Bowler at Itex Barter and we are excited. Periodically, throughout the years, we have traded services with other companies versus paying for them. It usually works out pretty well, but after having heard Liz speak at several networking events here in the … Read more about Barter and Business

How To Succeed In Business by a Millenial

Sam Fletcher works in this business along with my husband and I. Most of the work he does is behind the scenes. Researching topics for our different customers, finding quotes and photos to post for Facebook and Google +. He often builds the basic framework for Websites, or gets the unenviable task … Read more about How To Succeed In Business by a Millenial

What Happens at a Networking Meeting Should Not Stay at a Networking Meeting

At Social Cindy, we understand that sitting all day, every day, can turn us into something akin to a robot. We also know that the greatest source of our inspiration often comes from the people we meet out in the world. To that end, we make an effort to turn off our laptops and head out to meet … Read more about What Happens at a Networking Meeting Should Not Stay at a Networking Meeting

I Saw Your Website

Your business line rings, you answer with a cheerful greeting and if the voice on the line isn't familiar, perhaps you ask the person " How did you hear about us?" The answer might be, Fred Smith gave me your name, or it could be, I found your website online and I liked what I saw and decided to … Read more about I Saw Your Website

The Power of Websites

Remember growing up and every family had a set of encyclopedias, those days are long gone.. We live in a world where people are more dependent on search engines like Google, People often tell me that it's word of mouth and referrals that drive the majority of their business, but what they are … Read more about The Power of Websites

Business Website

Are you still  on the fence on whether to launch a business website?  There is no time like the present to take advantage of a hungry market looking for the best value and well reviewed businesses.  Don’t believe that?  How many times have you used Angie’s List or Yelp for … Read more about Business Website