Florida’s Space Coast – what now?

The end of the Shuttle Space program is not only something that I care about as an American citizen; it is something that has touched me personally. I have family and friends who live on the space Coast of Florida.   Although not all of the people I know there actually work for NASA, everyone on the … Read more about Florida’s Space Coast – what now?

Economic Recovery – It’s up to US !!!

I just spent a few hours and a few hundred dollars getting my brakes fixed. I was waiting at the brake shop. There was nothing much to do there, and my Droid's battery had died yet again, so I read magazines. Yes, you heard right, I read magazines. I used to love reading magazines, but these days I … Read more about Economic Recovery – It’s up to US !!!

Blog,Tweet,Yelp,Howl…Facebook Advertising

As past of my chosen career path, Social Media, it is important for me to read up on all things Web related, but I must tell you the sheer volume of material available is almost overwhelming. The difficult part of my current postition is to give out useful information without going too far over … Read more about Blog,Tweet,Yelp,Howl…Facebook Advertising