Facebook Posting

Is Posting on Facebook consuming your life? Posting on your blog, or Facebook doesn't have to be a chore, and you do not have to do it every day. In fact, for some of my clients, I rarely go on Facebook more than a couple of times per month. That doesn't mean there are no Facebook postings going … Read more about Facebook Posting

The Hackers are Out

Social Cindy specializes in website design for local businesses. We believe one of the primary benefits local business owners want in a website is for it to bring in new customers and make the phone ring. One of the primary factors in achieving that goal is for the website to rank highly in Google … Read more about The Hackers are Out

Are You Using Social Media Effectively for Your Business?

According to the most recent industry statistics from the Harvard Business Journal, the number of businesses that feel they use social media most effectively tops out at 12%. Considering 60% of existing businesses are already using social media, that is a startling number. I can tell you, as one who … Read more about Are You Using Social Media Effectively for Your Business?

The Paradigm for Businesses, Design Thinking

When I was an up and comer in the tech industry I helped to design the user interface for a data entry system that was cutting edge for the day. Instead of having to know a set series of commands to perform a function, we had ICONS on the screen. You could CLICK on them, and they would take you … Read more about The Paradigm for Businesses, Design Thinking


Social Cindy is dedicated to the building of websites for local business owners that will fight for search engine visibility (SEO). About 13 years ago, after spending many years as a local business owner himself Bill Fletcher decided to go back to his tech roots and because he loves a challenge, he … Read more about Social-Cindy