Websites and Search Engines

The song may say it’s all about the bass but in business and with websites it is all about the Google.  Consider this: 81 percent of consumers perform online research before making a purchase. That means they go to Google and type in one or more keywords, like “best leather shoes” or, if they … Read more about Websites and Search Engines

Customer Service

My partner and I have been in various businesses over the years. Sometimes we worked for big companies, sometimes we worked for small companies, and ultimately we decided to operate our own business. But no matter where we worked, or who we worked for, we never had the attitude that it was somebody … Read more about Customer Service

Congratulate Brian on His Awesome New Website

Brian Denton is a member of my BNI group, Business Builders of the Treasure Coast. We are proud to have him as a member. Why? Because he is a man of his word. Brian goes out of his way to make certain that deals close. He worked with my husband and I well in advance of our purchases to build a plan. … Read more about Congratulate Brian on His Awesome New Website

Be Specific With Your Keywords

You are the best Real Estate agent  ever, or it could be that you are the best plumber ever, or the best mortgage guy, or the very best family law attorney. The BEST.  If you have thousands of dollars and your blog twice a day, every day and you post on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram … Read more about Be Specific With Your Keywords

What is a Blog?

  When I stand up at BNI and tell my team members that I write blogs for companies in order to boost their ranking on Google and other search engines, they just nod their heads and I know they still, after 5 years, have no idea what I am talking about. I think i must not be saying the right … Read more about What is a Blog?

About Websites

  For the past ten years and more, my partners and I have been building webpages and social media campaigns which produces results. This task is not a static one, it involves constantly monitoring our sites, looking for what worked last month but isn't working this month. Just when we … Read more about About Websites

I Have a Website, He Said, It Doesn’t Do Anything For Me.

In my BNI group, Glenn Haraldsen of Island Automotive always has a story about someone who brings a car in which is now very broken, and they are mystified. Why is my loyal car no longer able to get me from place to place? He just shakes his head is disbelief. Why does is he shake his head? Probably … Read more about I Have a Website, He Said, It Doesn’t Do Anything For Me.

Promoting Your Site With Facebook Ads

Are you looking to gain more visibility for your services and products? Have you been blogging and using your Facebook Page? Do you post clever and amusing things as well as buy my services stuff? Are you a resource for others, can they find useful information on your site and on your Facebook … Read more about Promoting Your Site With Facebook Ads