Social Media…Or NOT

Here, at Social Cindy, I work for several different companies, ranging from Attorneys to Plumbers to Answering Services to Commercial Real Estate Brokers. All of my clients are proficient at what they do. They have happy customers and they want more of them. They hire me to help them do that, get … Read more about Social Media…Or NOT

Six Ways To Manage Emails

I hear a lot of you are complaining about managing your inbox, so I wanted to share some very simple strategies to help you manage the onslaught in your inbox.  Whether you get 5 or 1000 emails a day, they add up and they add up fast. What’s more is that email management seems to take on a life … Read more about Six Ways To Manage Emails

On Line Shopping- Here to Stay

On my laptop, as I begin typing Amazon, up pops Amazon Prime, with the login and password screen pre filled..just ready for me to shop and shop and shop. I find myself thinking, gee, I need some more of that coffee I really like. I look it up in my orders history, and I buy it with just one … Read more about On Line Shopping- Here to Stay

Drip Marketing and The Internet

W What is Drip Marketing? It's a form of marketing which shares information a little at a time, in a consistent manner. Instead of running periodic, high intensity ads which your target audience will only see at certain intervals, this is a way to put something out more often and keep your … Read more about Drip Marketing and The Internet