Hi Tina, Hi TJ, Bill here. I had a chance to drive by this home today and I shot a short video of a drive around the block to give you a sense of the neighborhood. This section of Vero has a fairly rural feel to it. It is north of Vero Beach city limits but is still well short of the beginnings of Sebastian.

The location appears to be what is setting such a good price on a nice home and lot. I do believe future development could turn this part of Vero Beach into “the nice part of Vero” since Vero is growing to the north and Sebastian spreads to the south. This neighborhood is not too far away from some very nice new neighborhoods that are being developed by DiVosta and GHO.

I apologize for the weak sound in parts, but I am not really saying anything important anyway.

Please let me know your thoughts. I would be happy to set up an appointment to preview the inside of the home for you. Have you had a chance to speak with a lender about the terms currently available? I believe they have come down some since we met.

Warm regards,

Bill Fletcher Realtor Homes for sale in Vero Beach