Running a small business often means handling a lot of day-to-day tasks on your own. It isn’t
easy wearing so many hats, especially when you have big-picture projects to work toward. As a
small business owner, you can free up a lot of time by outsourcing everyday tech tasks to
qualified contractors. Time-consuming projects related to website design and updates, social
media management, and data monitoring are easy to outsource—or automate with the right
software. Here are some tips from Social Cindy to help you save time with outsourcing!

Working with Contractors

Before you begin outsourcing, establish a system for working with your contractors. For
example, blackbear explains the importance of detailing your project requirements,
expectations, and deadlines, defining your budget, and providing documentation to your
. You’ll also need to establish a system for effective streamlined communication with
your contractor team. Chat platforms are great for daily check-ins while email may be better-
suited for more formal communication and file sharing.

When sharing files with your contractors, PDFs are preferred. PDFs are a reliable file format,
maintaining their original formatting across all platforms and devices. This ensures your
information is conveyed in the way you intended. With online PDF editing tools, you can even
add text, comments, and drawings to PDFs before sharing them with your freelancers. This may
be helpful
when you’re sharing design assets and ideas with website developers.

Forming a Corporation

If your small business has grown big enough that you need to outsource work to keep up with
customer demand, it may be time to form a corporation. Incorporating your business will secure
your intellectual property, protect your founding team from liability, and open up funding opportunities from investors. Once you incorporate, you’ll find investors are more willing to
invest in your business, giving you the funds you need to grow your business further.

Keep in mind that you can outsource this task to an affordable online business formation
service. These services are a cost-effective alternative to hiring an attorney and will ensure your
business is incorporated correctly. An online formation service will help you file all the necessary
paperwork with your state to simplify the administrative task of running your business.

Data Analytics and Monitoring

Being able to make sense of your business data is vital to your success. As Fullstack Academy
explains, businesses need to use data analytics to extract value from raw data. Consider
outsourcing this complex task to an experienced data analytics professional instead of spending
time learning the intricacies of data analytics yourself. Look for contractors with experience
leveraging data analytics to optimize your workflows through process mining. Not only can this
make your business more efficient, but can also help you uncover hidden growth opportunities!

When to Use Software Over Outsourcing

There are many circumstances where you can use software to automate tech-based tasks
instead of hiring contractors. This can be a good solution for business owners on a tight budget.
For example, you can use automation software to create workflows for repetitive tasks, such as
responding to customer emails or posting content on social media. The best candidates for
outsourcing are tasks that require little decision-making or creativity and tend to follow a defined
set of rules or procedures.

Outsourcing common tech tasks can be a game changer for your small business. By delegating
time-consuming projects like data analytics, website monitoring, and business administration,
you can free up valuable time to work on projects that push your business forward. As long as
you establish an effective system for communicating with your contractors, you can enjoy a
positive experience with outsourcing!

Shared by web design professionals at Social Cindy, Vero Beach, FL.

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