Keywords in Website Design: How do people choose a vendor to hire, a restaurant to go to, or a place to stay? They look it up. Not in the phone book as in the days of old, no. In fact, there is an entire generation of grown adults who have never even seen a phone book. They look it up on their phone.

They “Google it” “Bing it”, or “Yahoo it.” How? They use keywords. Do you know what a keyword is? Most people won’t necessarily be able to define that term if you ask them, but they use them all the time when they search.

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Say they want to head out for dinner and they are feeling like having seafood. They’re probably going to
search for the best “grilled snapper” in Vero Beach. If you need an oil change for your car, you search for
the oil change near me. If they are in need of a good house cleaning service, they would
probably search for “house cleaning Vero Beach” or “house cleaning 32963.” builds WordPress websites that contain and promote the site using those types of terms. Why? Because the search engines that people use will see those terms and rank your site in its index of all the websites it examines. You have done some of the work for them, and they appreciate that.

There may be dozens of other businesses within a 20-mile radius that do what you do, but you want
people to find your business first. More than fancy handouts for your next networking function, you need
the business owners you meet to be able to find you quickly, on the web, and to be impressed with your
professional, clean, colorful, and eye-catching website. With not too much information, but enough to answer the questions your prospective clients always have, and compel them to want to hire you.

At Social-Cindy, we know how to do website design that helps you do that. Building a website isn’t rocket science. We know there are many folks out there that can do that today with all the fill-in-the-blank type site platforms out there (Wix, Weebly, Square Space.) They may end up looking ok but do they work well when it comes to the all-important search engine ranking of your keywords? Social Cindy actually spends about 70% of our effort on search engine ranking and 30% on aesthetic design.

We have personally modified websites that cost thousands of dollars because the fancy company that designed the website originally didn’t bother to do anything other than build a flashy, expensive website. Perhaps they do not build in the features necessary to fight for search engine visibility because they want to sell that to you for more money as a separate service.

We’re not big, and we are certainly not fancy, but we do website design that helps you rank in the search engine results that make your phone ring, and we give you the tools to keep it ranking.

Give us a call today, we can tell you all about it.

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