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According to the most recent industry statistics from the Harvard Business Journal, the number of businesses that feel they use social media most effectively tops out at 12%. Considering 60% of existing businesses are already using social media, that is a startling number. I can tell you, as one who spends most of each day working with social media, I agree that too many people just do not understand how to use this amazing tool.

Gone are the days when social media was just sharing photos and making comments. it is now one of the most powerful tools that your business has for reaching potential customers. Do you know the difference between snaps, tweets, posts, and instapics? Do you know which social media platform is the most powerful tool for YOUR business? Twitter is a great tool for some, but not so useful for others. Facebook Ads can work in your favor most of the time, but did you know a good keyword-filled blog post can get you ranking way faster than anything else?

All of these things beg the question. Yes, you can probably do your own social media, but should you? that’s like me saying, I can stitch up my own cuts. The mechanics of the task are not difficult, but the execution is another story.  Should you manage social media on your own or hire an expert to do the work for you? Let’s look at five reasons hiring or outsourcing a Social Marketing Manager might pay off for you in the long run.

  1. The Time Factor. The trade-off with social media is that generally, it is a very low-cost marketing source. In fact, most of the time it is free, requiring nothing more than your time to create content. However, managing three or four social media accounts each day with multiple posts can quickly eat up the bulk of your time.
  1. Skill Set Issue. You might think you’re great at posting on social media, but a pro who does this for a living is a far better choice. They understand the metrics and industry standards involved with marketing components such as SEO, keyword usage, post density, etc.
  1. Increased Engagement. This is perhaps the best reason of all to hire or outsource a Social Marketing Manager. Each social platform has specific demographics and posting standards, and Social Marketing Managers will know exactly the type of content to post to increase engagement with their followers.
  1. The Job is Too Big For You. Keeping up with never-ending changes to social media platforms takes work. Algorithms are constantly being revamped and new ones are developed daily.
  1. It Lets You Focus On The Business. Be honest when looking at social marketing. You started your business to make money and provide value to your customers, not to be active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn for several hours every day.

Looking at the list above, hiring or outsourcing a Social Marketing Manager makes sense, doesn’t it? Social Cindy will keep abreast of the changes happening with existing social media platforms, stay up to date with new networks, and bring a whole new toolkit of social media strategy and marketing to your business. We won’t try to perform our own surgery, cut our own lawns, or paint our own walls if you let us perform your social media and build you a great website or two! Do we have a deal?