Estey Home Inspections and All American Air Conditioning are the best.  
I am in the middle of selling my home.  Before I listed the property, I ordered a pre-listing home inspection from Estey Home Inspections to avoid any surprises.  Don Estey was prompt and efficient in generating a very thorough report.  He identified a couple of minor things that I was able to fix in advance.  
I ordered a pre-listing inspection for two reasons.  First off, if something major did need to be replaced, I could list any newly replaced items as features, and factor the added value into my list price.  The second reason is that where I used to live, buyers would often try to use the property inspection as leverage to renegotiate the purchase price.  
One story I heard was about a buyer who demanded a $25,000 price concession due to some cracks in a sidewalk out front.  The seller informed the buyer that the city maintained all the sidewalks and would repair the damage at no cost to the buyer, The seller refused the demand, and the buyer backed out when they failed to win the price concession. This sort of scenario was not uncommon back home. 
Anyway, we listed the home and quickly received a very clean offer.  Of course, the buyer sent their own property inspector out to prepare another report.  The buyer’s inspection reported an issue with a temperature measurement that pointed to a possible problem with the A/C system. The seller requested that we hire a licensed AC contractor to inspect the system and make any necessary repairs (up to and including installing a new system, I presume.)   
I was comforted by the fact that the Estey Home Inspection report showed this same measurement to be well within the normal operating range.  After speaking with Don, I felt very confident the AC unit was fine.    After relaying this to the buyer, it was decided that we would have a licensed AC contractor perform the measurement one more time to settle the tie.   
I contacted Richard Kletty, the owner of All American Heating and Air Conditioning, and scheduled an appointment ASAP. All American Air Conditioning has maintained the system for us since we bought the home almost five years ago.  Richard was kind enough to make time for us the very next day. (Thank you, Richard.)   Richard checked over the system, made a new measurement, and pronounced the system to be in fine working order. Issue resolved!
Looking back on the situation, I am very glad that I had Don do the pre-listing inspection.  Had I not, I would not have had much reason to doubt the 2nd inspector’s erroneous measurement.  I am also fortunate that Richard and the guys at All American AC were able to drop everything and fit me in so quickly to keep our escrow on track. 
It is easy to imagine that had it not been for Don Estey, and Richard Kletty, some AC guy from the yellow pages might have capitalized on my situation and yanked out a perfectly good AC unit and sold me a new one in order to complete my transaction. 
Thanks, Don,  Thanks, Richard.
p.s  If you are about to list a property, I highly recommend you have Don Estey perform a pre-listing inspection for you to avoid surprises, and if your AC unit really does need to be replaced, you can’t do better than calling Richard Kletty, at All American AC. 


Bill Fletcher