Everyone is sticking close to home these days. Many of us who own a business are literally working from home. Even people who are employed by large corporations are working from home.

The networking model is quickly becoming outmoded. So how are people going to find your products or services? On the Web, that’s how.

Social Cindy believes you don’t need a really fancy website with detailed descriptions of every product or service you offer. You just need a clean, easy-to-read, simple-to-navigate website with a phone number in the upper right-hand corner, and you are open for business.

Your local business website does not need to win Webby awards for clever design. It simply needs to make a solid first impression for your firm. More important than that it needs to be seen. If built correctly, your website should fight for visibility in search engine results for the search terms your ideal client will key in to find info about products and services like yours.

What else do you need? One other thing. You need to USE your site. Once you update your site with new photos or information, you then need to share it somewhere. Right now, as we speak, or type, the best place to share information is still your Facebook Business Page.

People are always asking for recommendations in local Facebook groups, if you have a Facebook Business Page, local residents will give public recommendations for your business.

We recommend including a blog on your website and instead of posting directly to Facebook, post to your blog and share the post on your Facebook page. This may draw your Facebook friends back to your website when they see your link on your Facebook timeline. In addition, this traffic scores points with search engines.

If you would like to know more about creating a web presence that will fight for visibility and make your phone ring, contact Social Cindy at (949)813 3861 or contact us here.

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