If you run your own social media campaign for your brand you know that the secret to engaging your customer is a steady stream of images and headlines that will catch their attention. You also know this can be a time-consuming quest. The graphical presentation of your posts will go along way to encourage engagement. This has always been a formidable obstacle for many.

There has been a recent surge in new software tools and apps to help businesses overcome this challenge. One such tool is Adobe Spark. Adobe Spark is a tool that can help you create engaging graphics and videos starting with a vast assortment of professionally authored themes. Many times all you need to do is replace the message with your message and add your logo.

Of course you can access and modify almost any other aspect of the theme that you want to customize the graphic or make it reflect your brand.

A full featured version is available to use for free at http://spark.adobe.com. An even more full featured version is available to subscribers of most Adobe Creative Cloud packages.

Here is an example of a graphic we created for the header of our MailChimp RSS powered monthly newsletter.

At the top of this page is a static version of the graphic. Above is a version with animation.

We are finding dozens of other uses across all of the elements of our web presence. Give it a look. We think Adobe Spark will make your job a little easier.