Is it time for a new website? Let me ask you this. Is your website five years old, or heaven forbid, even older? Then it’s time, give us a call. We will build you a newer, snazzier, more efficient, ADA Compliant, Mobile-friendly website.

So much has changed in the past five years that we don’t want you looking shabby and out of touch.

The first impression a prospective buyer gets will be from your website. What is it you want that first impression to be?

Color preferences change every few years. Also, more and more people are performing searches for goods and services on their smartphones. New advances in WordPress are making websites easier to see on mobile devices.

There are new plugins with great features that help your site work more efficiently and integrate with target marketing to help your site to stay more visible.

Advances in tracking the flow of traffic to your site, the amount of time spent on the site let us know what people are interested in when they come to your site.

Changes in your staff, your current location, updating your product line and letting the consumer know what it is you do, without telling them everything that you do.

Here it is in a nutshell. If your site was built, even if it was built by us, more than 5 years ago, then it’s time for a new one.

Give us a call.

Cindy Fletcher

Online Marketing & WebsiteDesign Social Media SEO Vero Beach, Florida