It’s been a year of challenges, joys, surprises and more. Every January, my team and I try our best to begin each year with a clean slate. We try to imagine meeting new friends and helping them to build up their business. But we also hope to keep up with old friends we have made along the way.

We are the lucky ones because we actually love what we do. At Social Cindy, we truly have a product that lets us use all of our talents.

One of us is an artist and a photographer, the other a writer and a creator. The third part of us is a little bit of both. And now we have a new person in our realm. Our granddaughter. No, she’s not a baby, she is a seven year old wonder and she challenges us and delights us every day as only a child can do.

As you get older and your own children move out of your orbit, it’s sometimes difficult to get as excited about life as you did when your children were small.

As a Grandparent, you get all the joys and not as much of the angst of bringing up a child, and it has changed us. For the better, I think.

Our friends and siblings have Facebook feeds filled with wonderful adventures. Travel to locations they’ve dreamed of going to all of their lives.

If you check my Facebook feed, it’s filled with photos of our Granddaughter. She is our adventure. It’s fascinating to listen to her tell a serious story, or to watch her face as she spins a tale. To listen to her quietly sing as she plays by herself or on car rides.

Everyone around us gets a huge kick out of it when we are in the movie theater or restaurant restroom and she locks the stall door and says “Okay Gramma, are you ready for your math problem?” And she rattles off a string of numbers for me to add or subtract.

The other end of the spectrum is my Mom and her older sister. Mom is 90 years old now. She has always been fiercely independent. She was an amazing baker and cook. She hated to drive, hated eating in restaurants and always prided herself on being a better chef than anyone.

These days things have changed. She no longer walks very well. She tires more easily. Her shoulders are stiff, so she can’t cook like she used to even a year ago, and now she has lost her sight.

One eye can be repaired with laser surgery, the other can not. Now, when we go to doctor’s appointments or on errands, she wants to take the time to stop and have a bite to eat. We pick a place we like, order a glass of wine and take our time over lunch.

I know that each day I get to spend with her is a gift, and I don’t take that for granted. Wherever we go together, we always leave people laughing. My Mom is charming, a big flirt and loves to talk, and I am just funny. Together we make a great comedy team.

I am going to end this post by saying, I hope you all have a lovely, warm and joyful Holiday season. I say holiday, not because I am afraid to say Merry Christmas, but because I have so many friends who celebrate Hannukah and other holidays. I want to include them all.

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