Here, in Vero Beach, we spent several agonizing days glued to the Weather Channel trying to decide if and when to put our shutters up, how much water to stockpile and making the decision to stay or leave.

It has been nerve wracking, to say the least. The only good thing that came out of this experience is that it caused us to slow down a little. We have spent some of our downtimes with our son, Sam, and his daughter, Evalyn. Without any meetings or appointments to keep, in between posting our work and checking in on the various predictions for where Dorian was headed next, we took a little time to play games, dancing to songs on YouTube and just pray that we were all going to be okay.

Here, at our company, it is possible for us to prepare for times when we might not be able to work on our computer posting blogs and Facebook posts for my business and my clients. That goes for the web development/build side of the house as well.

Having some advanced warning that trouble was headed our way, and not knowing for certain if or for how long we could be without power, we did much of our work in advance.

Other companies were not so fortunate. In many cases, the companies who were usually their main source of business were shuttered up and closed down. Retail stores, restaurants, computer repair companies, real estate agents, contractors, and hotel owners all temporarily out of business over a long, holiday weekend.

All of us here at Webdesignvero/Social-Cindy hope that everyone will recover in a short period of time and we pray for all of the folks in the Bahamas.

Cindy, Bill, and Sam Fletcher

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