Everyone is trying to find more hours in the day to get work done  If you are like me then you are trying to optimize your time online and on your computer and find shortcuts to make every keystroke more efficient. 

Have you tried adopting keyboard shortcuts?  You save so much and typing by replacing the longer method for these such as the command “Ctrl + a” to highlight an entire document rather than dragging your mouse and clicking “Select all” with the same result much more efficiently.

Interested?  Here is a big list of keyboard shortcuts (for both PC and Mac) that you can use to make your digital operations way faster and easier.

Keyboard shortcuts for PC and Mac

Select all

PC: Ctrl + a

Mac: Command + a


PC: Ctrl + c

Mac: Command + c


PC: Ctrl + v

Mac: Command + v


PC: Ctrl + x

Mac: Command + x


PC: Ctrl + P

Mac: Command + P

File Save

PC: Ctrl S

Mac: Command + S

Undo text

PC: Ctrl + Z

Mac: Command + Z

In our line of work, we write up to 100 word documents, Excel documents or blog posts every month. For us, these quick keyboard shortcuts are something which saves us a significant amount of time when it’s added up over the course of all the documents we work on.

Give them a try and let us know if they helped make your work a little easier!

Sam Fletcher