Are you aware that close to 1 million people have been using social media every day over the course of the past year? That’s 11 new users each second.

The number of people using social media has grown by 13 percent in the past 12 months, with Central and Southern Asia recording the fastest gains (up 90 percent and 33 percent respectively). (Source / Hootsuite)

You might also find it interesting that LinkedIn is one of the oldest online social platforms today. Yes, that’s right; LinkedIn over the years has emerged as a powerful tool for business owners and individuals to increase their connection, generate more leads, promote their brand, and also become a thought leader. However, there are still several companies who have dropped the idea of implementing a strong LinkedIn strategy to promote their brand or expand their business. In addition, if you are a business to business (B2B) company and lack a LinkedIn marketing strategy, you are definitely missing out on a lot.

Let’s take a closer look at why LinkedIn marketing is essential for businesses at present.

LinkedIn is more important than Facebook for B2B companies

Based on the 2015 social media marketing industry report, in the current scenario, LinkedIn has now passed Facebook as the most important platform for B2B companies and marketers. In addition, around 21% B2C marketers suggested that LinkedIn is their most preferred platform compared to 41% of B2B marketers. Hence, it is safe to say that B2B marketers and companies have now prioritized LinkedIn marketing strategies over Facebook.

LinkedIn has emerged as an effective platform for lead generation

Several studies show that traffic generated through LinkedIn referral has the best and the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate amongst the different social networking sites. In fact, the numbers are higher than Facebook and Twitter. Although there may be a few minor changes in the numbers in the last couple of years, LinkedIn will continue to generate more and more leads for businesses in the B2B domain.

LinkedIn has gradually emerged as one of the most important platforms for B2B marketers and companies. Not many social platforms come close to what LinkedIn offers your brand in terms of visibility. Moreover, digital marketing companies such as Technooyster assist businesses to formulate effective LinkedIn strategies to strengthen their foothold in the industry.

Cindy Fletcher

Online Marketing & WebsiteDesign Social Media SEO Vero Beach, Florida