Are you looking for a way to build more meaningful relationships and trust between you and your clients and potential clients?

Would you also like to know a fairly inexpensive, yet effective way to get your business name out into the world?

Your business needs a blog. Even if you are looking for none of these things, your business still needs a blog!

A blog is an aspect of content marketing, and it’s one that you really can’t afford to miss out on if you’re serious about running a business that thrives.

What is content marketing? Essentially, it’s using good, useful content to market your product or service and create a sense of like, know and trust.

Speaking of trust, creating blog content that gives actionable advice to readers, video viewers or podcast listeners extends your reach beyond content creator to one of a dependable expert.

Say you sell gluten-free flour. You can show how to be a better baker with instructional, gluten-free cooking videos. When you do these things, you’re presenting content that benefits your current customers as well as those who haven’t yet discovered your products or services.

You’re going to show up more in search results related to these topics, so you’ll reach new audiences . Plus, you’ll gain return visitors who keep coming back to learn more about how to thrive in a gluten-free lifestyle.

For a business, original content on blogs can help establish themselves and their commentators as leaders and experts of thought in their field.

It isn’t about the hard sell on blogs, it’s about flexing those industry expertise muscles and contributing to a conversation.

Think you don’t have time for a blog? If that’s true, what do you have time for?

Think about how you do research online before buying a product or service. You probably use Google or other search engines to research just about every kind of purchase or buying decision, whether big or small. Finding informative, engaging blog content on the subject can help sway your opinion and ultimately play a factor in where you purchase from.

While creating a blog strategy may take some time out of your day, it’s going to be worth it. An informative blog allows your potential customers to research a solution on their own time and contact you when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Sam Fletcher


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