social media , blogging, website promotion, search engine optimizationHere, at Social Cindy, I work for several different companies, ranging from Attorneys to Plumbers to Answering Services to Commercial Real Estate Brokers.

All of my clients are proficient at what they do. They have happy customers and they want more of them. They hire me to help them do that, get more customers. and to make their websites visible in a sea of other websites offering the same services or products.

Some of my clients let me just do my job. There are others who will actually feed the information to me which helps me to do my job better. You know, the stuff they promised to deliver in the beginning, when we first met. Photos of the work they are doing, events within their offices which I can share with their followers. That sort of thing. Then there are those who police the blogs and Facebook posts I write. Each blog has to be company centric, it must not forget to promote the company. It must not have any ancillary use outside of promoting the company. No humor, no potential for frivolity and fun, just push the product.

To those customers, I simply say “You’re the boss.”. I will do as you ask, while still working hard to get your site to rank and your Facebook page to invite new followers and admirers. I know that’s not how social media is supposed to work but I can’t go against their wishes.

As a social media company, I am supposed to post things that inform, yes. But also invite, and let people in a little. Perhaps show them something they didn’t know before, or make them laugh. It’s a fine line, and I have studied this art for 10 years now. It changes constantly, but I have figured out how to navigate these waters.

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