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Older websites, cluttered with too much content on the home page are OUT! Instead, the new trend is towards fresh content versus a stagnant home page. Background video that plays behind your static message is a popular new addition.

Some companies are even going so far as changing the content every time you refresh the homepage. That way visitors to the site will see a new and innovative brand video that has been created for the homepage or slider when they call up your site.

There are some themes which rotate the titles of articles or call-outs as well. These options could leave users with a unique experience on your website every time they visit.

One of our favorite innovations that is increasing engagement is scroll animations. This type of web design not only showcases a visual design talent and front-end development skills, but it increases the website’s time on page and engagement.

Keep in mind that getting carried away by implementing too many of the new features can be a distraction from your message. So while it’s lovely to take advantage of some, don’t try to mix more than one or two new features on your site, or you may end up with people turning away.

Better still, give us a call and we can have a chat about what type of new and exciting features you would like to have on your WordPress Site for 2019 and beyond!